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Special offers Mont Saint Michel Hotel - Moulin de Ducey

Le Moulin de DuceyLe Moulin de DuceyLe Moulin de Ducey

Hihg Tides in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel

Make the most of our 3 offers ('discovery deal', 'more than 3 nights'; and the 'family offer'). Stay in the BEST WESTERN Hotel Moulin de Ducey, hotel to discover the Bay of Mont Saint Michel during the high tides.

The high tides of Mont Saint Michel are an unforgettable experience. At high tide, the whole Bay is filled and at low tide, the whole Bay is revealed.

As soon as the 'coefficient' of the tide goes over 100 (with a difference of more than 14 metres between the highest and the lowest sea level - the marnage), you will see a fascinating spectacle of continually changing colours. Low tide after a strong 'coefficient' and the bay becomes a place perfect for gathering shellfish, discovering the Bay, the mussel beds and also the work of the mussel farmers (the 'maison de la bay' at Vivier sur Mer and the 'train marin' at Cherrueix will show you all their activities.

Come and see the spectale at the end of the tidal climb, the sea which surrounds Mont Saint Michel and that of the 'Mascaret', this tidal wave reclimbs the Bay to go back to the rivers.


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