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Avranches in Normandy has a unique view over Mont St Michel. A town rich in history, Avranches is built on a hill facing the Bay of Mont St Michel 'Le BEST WESTERN Hotel Moulin de Ducey' is a Hotel near Avranches.

To see and visit Avranches :

  • With the 'Parcours Historique'you can go on a discovery of Avranches. The departure is located in front of the tourist office and shows you the origins of the town. The circuit takes you then to the 'jardin de l'éveche' and finishes at 'la place Littre'. The panels show you information on each one of the facets of historic Avranches.
  • 'Le jardin des plantes' in Avranches, Normandy. In 1799 the fist planting turned this space into a botanical garden. Today this garden has a large number of remarkable trees. Each evening in summer an annoucement goes out to invite visitors to go for a walk and discover one of the most unique views of the bay of Mont St Michel.
  • 'Le Tresor Saint Gervais -kept within the l'eglise Saint Gervais, this sacred 'treasure' is a human skull which tradition attributes to Saint Aubert, founder of Mont St Michel.
  • Le Palais Episcopal - rebuilt after the 100 year war, it is a testimony to the richness of the city when it was a residence for the bishops of Avranches. - The Castle and The Keep were constructed around 950ad on the remains of a former roman enclosure.
  • 'Notre dame des Champs' church - A vast, imposing neo-gothic structure.
  • 'Musée Le Scriptorial d'Avranches' - a museum for the manuscripts of Mont St Michel. Visitors are invited on a voyage which starts by the discovery of the history of Avranches, and the tie which unites in to Mont St Michel. Further on you can discover the different stages of creating a manuscript. The visit brings you next to the historic texts, the illuminations and allows you to admire the precious manuscripts. The 'Musée Le Scriptorial' is also a contemporary museum dedicated to writing whith temporary, themed exhibitions.


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